Tooth decay, often referred to as a dental cavity, is one of the most widely spread disease in our society. An untreated tooth decay can lead to damages of hard tissues of teeth and pulp. Cavities often develop in spaces on the surface of chewing teeth, between the teeth, and also near gums (a so-called cervical lesion). Despite of their placing, it is recommended to treat them at an early stage of occuring by attending regular check-ups.

Conservative treatment is not only connected to dental treatment, but it also helps to prevent forming of new cavities. We provide you with these services in the matter of conservative dentistry: dental sealants, enamel, fluoridation, removal of discoloration (sandblasting), tartar removal.

Did you know that by brushing your teeth you clean only 60% of your teeth’s surface?

Along with a healthy diet, the hygienization is crucial to maintain dental and dental tissue health. Brushing your teeth may not be enough. In fact, it is good to consult with a competent health professional.

We invite you to our surgery where our professional staff will provide you with an individualized therapeutic program.

The plan includes:

We can undergo a hygienization treatment in our dental surgery, it is an additional procedure to everyday oral hygiene at home.

A complex, professional hygienization consists of:


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