- Price-


Dental examination/ Check-up 50 PLN
Adaptive appointment for children 50 PLN
Sandblasting (tartar removal) 120 PLN
Teeth sandblasting 120 PLN
Sandblasting + scaling 180 PLN
Fluoridation of permanent teeth 50 PLN (for one dental arch)
A full cleaning package 250 PLN
Dental sealant (for each tooth) 40-60 PLN
RVG picture 20 PLN

Conservative Treatment

Temporary dressing on a permanent tooth 50 PLN
Therapeutic zinc oxide dressing 70 PLN
Temporary dressing on a primary tooth 50 PLN
Dental filling based on a cavity size 100-180 PLN
Dental filling in a primary tooth 80 PLN
Strengthening of a tooth with fiber glass inlay 150 PLN
A composite Inlay/ Onlay 900 PLN
An all-ceramic Inlay/ Onlay 1,000 PLN

Cosmetic dentistry

(Night) whitening overlay 700 PLN
Whitening at the surgery with the BEYOND lamp 700 PLN
Additional whitening with the BEYOND lamp 150 PLN
Dead tooth whitening 60 PLN (for one appointment)
Single vital tooth whitening 60 PLN
Cosmetic cladding of a tooth with composite materials 200-300 PLN
An all-ceramic veneer 1,300-1800 PLN

Dental Prosthetics

Complete denture (upper or lower jaw) 700 PLN
Partial dentures attached by using dental adhesive 650 PLN
A point in a denture 100 PLN
Cast partial denture 1,300 PLN
Denture with a precise attachment 1,500 PLN
Relining of a denture in laboratory 150 PLN
Repair of the denture 100 PLN
Reinforcing extra elements (mesh, cast arc) 100 PLN
Adjustment of dentures made in a different dental surgery 100 PLN
Splint-denture 1,100 PLN
Single post-and-core 200 PLN
Single post-and-core made of gold (the price depends on the weight of gold) 350 PLN + the price of gold
Split post-and-core made of steel or glass fiber 450 PLN
Split post-and-core made of gold (the price depends on the weight of gold) 450 PLN + the price of gold
Root implant with a ball attachment 500 PLN
Temporary acrylic crown 100 PLN
Porcelain crown on metal 700 PLN
Porcelain crown on gold 800 PLN + the price of gold
All-ceramic crown 1,200 PLN
Strengthening or remove of bridge or crown 50-200 PLN


Endodontic and root canal treatment

Trepanation with a tooth devitalization 100 PLN
Extirpation of pulp with anesthesia 100 PLN
Handling and filling – one-root tooth 150 PLN
Handling and filling – a two-root tooth 200 PLN
Handling and filling – a three-root tooth 300 PLN
Handling and filling – a four-root tooth 350 PLN
Reendo – a repeated root canal treatment the price is estimated individually


Orthodontic consultation 100 PLN
Diagnostic models 100 PLN
Metal braces 1,900 PLN
Crystal braces (sapphire) 2,600 PLN
Fixed, self-ligating, metal appliance 2,650 PLN
Fixed, self-ligating porcelain appliance 2,950 PLN
Palatal expander 750 PLN
Trainer dental braces 750 PLN
Fixed retainer from 450 PLN
A control visit 150 PLN
A control visit with retainers every 6 months 150 PLN
Invisalign aligner 15,000 PLN

Dental Surgery

Extraction of a primary tooth 50-100 PLNł
Extraction of a permanent tooth 100-200 PLN
Chiseling inside the tooth 200 PLN
Chiseling outside the tooth 300 PLN
Chiseling of an impacted tooth (including a moral tooth) 400-600 PLN
Suturing a wound 50 PLN
Undercutting, excision of frenulum, tongue 150 PLN
Extraction of one-root tooth 300 PLN
Extraction of a two-root tooth 400 PLN
Extraction of a moral tooth 600 PLN
Reconstruction of endo-sinus septal 400 PLN
Rinsing of a tooth socket, application of medicines 80 PLN
Resection of tumor, mucosal lesions plus histopathological examination 200 PLN
Incision and drainage of an abscess 200 PLN
Opening of an impacted tooth, applying an orthodontic lock 500 PLN
Implant consultation 100 PLN
Implanting an implant 2,000 PLN
Porcelain crown 1,500-2,000 PLN


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